Loan Officer Licensing

Amended Substitute Senate Bill 76 (SB 76)

Effective May 2, 2002 the state of Ohio requires any person(s) wishing to become a mortgage broker to obtain a license. Under the Ohio Mortgage Broker Act (OMBA) one must (1) submit a completed application to the Division of Financial Institutions; (2) undergo a criminal and civil records background check; and (3) successfully pass the Ohio Mortgage Loan Officer Test.

Applications must be notarized. If the application is complete and there are no issues raised by the background check, the Division will issue a mortgage loan officer license. Loan officers have 90 days from the dates their licenses are issued to pass the test. If an officer does not successfully pass the test within 90 days, the license automatically terminates.

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Grande Financial, Inc operates under, and adheres to all laws governed by the State of Ohio and the Division of Financial Institutions. For copies of valid Loan Officer licenses for the employed Loan Officers (Mortgage Specialists) at Grande Financial, please ask to see Management.

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